Landscaping Maintenance

Landscaping maintenance that ensures the beauty and functionality of your property

Many businesses and property owners find themselves struggling with neglected and unkempt outdoor spaces. Uncontrolled weed growth, unkempt lawns, and overgrown shrubs can lead to uninspiring outdoor spaces that fail to impress clients and visitors alike.

Our comprehensive landscaping maintenance services are designed to keep your outdoor spaces looking immaculate throughout the year. Our skilled teams take care of all your lawn and garden needs, from mowing and trimming to edging and weed control, ensuring that these are kept neat and well manicured.

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On top of that, we provide the following services:

  • Expert tree and shrub pruning and trimming services, promoting healthy growth and enhancing the overall aesthetics of your landscape
  • Fertilization and soil amendment services that nourish your plants for lush and vibrant greenery
  • Irrigation system maintenance, ensuring efficient water distribution to sustain your landscape's health
  • Mulching and bed maintenance, pest and disease management, and general landscape cleanup to maintain a pristine appearance
  • Dedicated spring and fall cleanup services to prepare your landscape for seasonal transitions, keeping it fresh and inviting year-round

With expert landscaping maintenance from Riverview Companies, you will enjoy your outdoor spaces year round.

Landscaping maintenance services that will keep your outdoor spaces looking impeccable

icon Mowing Trimming

Mowing and trimming

icon Mulching Bed Maintenance

Mulching and bed maintenance

icon Edging Weed Control

Edging and weed control

icon Pest Disease Management

Pest and disease management

icon Tree Shrub Pruning

Tree and shrub pruning and trimming

icon General landscape

General landscape cleanup and maintenance

icon Fertilization Soil Amendments

Fertilization and soil amendments

icon Irrigation System

Irrigation system maintenance

icon Spring Fall Cleanup

Spring and fall cleanup

Our other landscaping and snow management services

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Landscaping Enhancements

We will transform your outdoor environment into a stunning and functional oasis through our specialized offerings in planting, turf renovation, drainage, and irrigation.

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Snow & Ice Management

We utilize best-in-class equipment, experienced operators, and proven techniques to ensure the timely and thorough removal of snow and ice. This creates a safe and accessible environment for your customers.

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