Landscaping Enhancements

Landscaping enhancements that will make your outdoor spaces more beautiful, inviting, and functional

Riverview Companies can provide you with an array of landscape enhancements, from turf renovations, garden installations, patios and lighting. Our team can provide you with a tailored proposal based on your desires and your property’s potential.

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Our landscape enhancement services are designed to upgrade your outdoor spaces and impress your employees, visitors, and homeowners

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Planting and Transplanting

Our expert landscapers will infuse life into your landscape through strategically planned plantings and precise transplanting. Adding vibrant flora and carefully relocating existing plants will breathe new life and vibrancy into your green spaces.

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Turf Renovation

Our turf renovation services rejuvenate and restore your lawn's lushness and health. You’ll have a vibrant green carpet that will bring new life to your turf.

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Drainage Solutions

Never worry about water accumulation ruining your landscape's appearance. Our drainage solutions will ensure efficient water management, protecting your landscape from potential damage and fostering a healthier environment for your plants.

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Irrigation Excellence

The perfect amount of water is essential for a thriving landscape. Our skilled landscapers offer top-notch irrigation services, customizing water delivery to meet your landscape's unique requirements.

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Patios and Hardscaping

From elegantly designed patios to intricate pathways and more, our skilled experts bring durable and stunning hardscape features to life. Our hardscaping services offer the perfect solution in enhancing your property's aesthetics and functionality.

Our other landscaping and snow management services

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Landscaping Maintenance

With our expertise, you can count on meticulous care for your landscape, complemented by our reliable spring and fall cleanup services. Trust us to keep your outdoor environment looking its best for all seasons.

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Snow & Ice Management

We utilize best-in-class equipment, experienced operators, and proven techniques to ensure the timely and thorough removal of snow and ice. This creates a safe and accessible environment for your customers.

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